InSyBio Precision Chronic Pain Treatment Tool

A first-of-its-kind tool for personalizing treatment of Chronic Pain Patients.

The InSyBio Precision Chronic Pain Treatment Tool is a first-of-its-kind tool that is able to stratify chronic pain patients into individuals who will benefit from topical analgesics treatment and select the most suitable non-opioid treatment formulation for them using as input a combination of demographics, clinical characteristics and other responses to a simple questionnaire.

In an effort to find a better alternative to the traditionally prescribed opioid analgesics, InSyBio worked in collaboration with Clarity Science LLC and developed a machine learning-based tool for predicting the response of chronic pain patients to 4 different non-opioid pain treatment formulations. This tool is capitalizing on InSyBio’s unique machine learning technology to develop machine learning models that are able to predict various response to treatment metrics (including pain severity and interference scales as well as reduction of total drugs) with an unprecedented accuracy.

The accuracy of these models in predicting the changes in the response to treatment metrics exceeded 82% for all metrics in a cohort of more than 600 patients while 98.1% of the participants which were classified as responders to non-opioid treatments presented substantial improvement in all metrics in a follow-up after 3-6 months from baseline.

The first version of this tool is available for a free trial (apply here) usage by clinicians treating Chronic pain patients offering them the following features:

A simpler version of this tool is available for chronic-pain patients (get it from here) to allow them to identify if a non-opioid treatment is suitable for them and suggest them discussing additional therapeutic options with their physician.


Download InSyBio Precision Chronic Pain Treatment Tool Manual [PDF]

Download InSyBio Precision Chronic Pain Treatment Tool for Patients Manual [PDF]