InSyBio Solutions

One-off analysis services

Specially designed for clients that are interested only in the results of some of the InSyBio Suiteā€™s data analysis tools rather than in using the tools. In this case, InSyBio will receive the experimental data, conduct the analysis and return you the resulting data.

Outsourcing bioinformatics services

Perfectly corresponding to the needs of biological research labs willing to outsource the bioinformatics part of their biological experiments. InSyBio will provide full bioinformatics services in all the phases of the biological research project. With this model of service in InSyBio we are also open to collaborations with academic research labs on national or international funding research projects.

Custom software services

Being a software company, InSyBio can provide its technical and scientific knowledge to design and develop new software tools or modules on-demand.

Fields of expertise

Our fields of expertise include but are not limited to the following:

  • Computational prediction of the functionality and of the localization of every single protein of an organism using a novel methodology which has already been submitted as provisional patent in the USA patent office.
  • Pre-processing and analysis of microarray data to predict biomarkers by conducting differential expression analysis and using advanced computational intelligent techniques.
  • RNA-seq data analysis using a non coding RNA based technique which is able to uncover non- coding RNAs from RNA-seq experiments with increased accuracy and speed up the mapping procedures of mRNA in the reference transcriptomes.
  • DNA-seq data analysis using state-of-the-art statistical and computational intelligent algorithms to uncover significant mutations and polymorphisms.
  • Mass spectrometry Data Analysis to predict biomarkers using a novel methodology.
  • Biomarker Discovery combining molecular biology data and clinical information. Extraction of meaningful prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers by combining different categories of molecular biology data and clinical information. Advanced computational intelligence algorithms able to perform dimensionality reduction, to handle missing data effectively and extract effective prognostic and diagnostic prediction models.