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InSyBio Suite Demo

InSyBio Suite Demo is offered by InSyBio LTD and incorporates in its analysis a variety of novel published computational intelligent techniques plus a new method for the functional characterization of proteins which is under the patent submission process.

This demo version presents the functionalities and demonstrates the knowledge extracted from the analysis tools. It does not allow uploading datasets but can only be used for demonstration purposes using some pre-uploaded datasets.

We will be thankful if you try out InSyBio Suite Demo and provide us your feedback in

InSyBio Suite Evaluation Version

If you want to try InSyBio Suite with your datasets, we are offering a full functional version for a month. We anticipate that you can use our tools for your research and help us to make them better.

Follow this three steps procedure to get a free evaluation version of InSyBio Suite for one month:

  1. Send an email at with the following information: Name, Surname, Institution, Position
  2. We will contact you about your request (1 or 2 business days) sending you the credentials and information to login in InSyBio Suite
  3. Login and begin your journey in Biomarker Discovery and Intelligent Analysis

Purchase InSyBio Suite

If you want to purchase licenses for the InSyBio Suite's tools, you can request a quote at