What is InSyBio?

InSyBio (Intelligent Systems Biology) Ltd is a software company aiming to deliver high quality products and services in the area of bioinformatics for assisting biology researchers in their work.

InSyBio provides InSyBio Suite, an on-line suite of software tools which assists biology researchers in extracting valuable biological knowledge from experimental data. Opposite to partial solutions, providing limited functionalities for an overwhelming cost, requiring hardware equipment and expertise for installation and usage, InSyBio Suite covers the majority of biology researchers needs with one easy-to-use and high-performance integrative platform.

  • Robust analysis procedure

    Our customers enjoy the robustness of the analysis procedure combined with the superior performance of state-of-the-art algorithmic solutions.
  • Save money and time

    Our customers are able to fulfill their work two times faster and save about 33% of their money than using other commercial tools.
  • Access anytime from anywhere

    Our customers have stopped caring about the purchase of equipment and installation costs as InSyBio Suite offers its tools through the Internet following SaS Cloud delivery model.

Insybio participates in NBG Business Seeds Program by NBG.