Nutrition and food Industry: Personalizing diet and nutrition

Dietary and nutritional products affect individuals differently based on their genetic predisposition, nutritional lifestyle, exercises habits, and their environments.

InSyBio’s biomarker discovery technology is able to personalize the application of dietary and nutritional products. This is achieved by utilizing its biomarker discovery technology.

Clinical Trials: Targeted patient stratification to speed up the process and reduce the risk of failures in trials

More than 50% of clinical trials currently fail due to low efficacy.

InSyBio is able to reduce the risk of failed trials through a two-step process which can be applied in early phase 1 clinical trials. During the first step – discovery – our multi-omics technology can effectively identify markers, signatures and efficacy/toxicity predictive models from a limited sample size. In step two – application in late phase 1 or phase 2 clinical trials – these markers and models may be used as a test to stratify patients for the participation in a study, thus excluding individuals for whom the drug or treatment will either be ineffective or likely to present adverse effects.

Diagnostics: Non-invasive high accuracy diagnostics based on biofluids

Several markers and tests have been introduced in the market for diagnosing cancer types and other diseases. However, most of them either are invasive methods or present very poor diagnostic accuracy as they are based on single markers.

InSyBio’s technology enables the identification of circulating multi-omics markers and bio-signatures in blood and other biofluids while its machine-learning component allows for their combination in multi-markers test, increasing significantly the predictive accuracy. Many successful applications of this technology have been presented and/or published on neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases are well as on many cancer types.

Preclinical Research: Emphasizing to the cause of a disease

Preclinical research, when related to molecular biology data analysis, mostly includes statistical analysis to identify significantly differentiated molecules in the phenotypes under study. This process leads to a high false positive rate and when corrections for multiple testing are performed, most of the time no significant changes are found. Furthermore, the process of finding molecules to target is time consuming and expensive. Many experts are utilizing a multitude of commercial and open source tools to achieve this task.

With InSyBio’s patent-pending network analysis technology, we are able to identify molecules differentiated at the network level and be more confident that these markers are more likely to be linked with the cause of the disease instead of its outcome or symptoms. Moreover, InSyBio can significantly reduce the time and money needed for a single biomarker discovery analysis by integrating the whole process in our main product, InSyBio Suite, which minimizes the effort needed by bioinformatics experts for the analysis.

Scientific Publishing: Simplifying the process with supreme reporting and data sharing mechanisms

Publishing scientific findings in domain-specific journals and announcing them in scientific conferences has become an essential part of today’s research environment. However, supporting these efforts can be a very time-consuming process, and without the proper documentation, the acceptance probabilities can be limited.

InSyBio Suite is able to accelerate and significantly ease this pain by providing access to the most needed bioinformatics tools and methods to generate the analysis and figures needed for an -omics related scientific publication. Moreover, it offers automatic reporting and data sharing mechanisms which can be used to further speed-up the process of documenting a scientific manuscript.